Clay Defaults Part 12: The Last of the Menses… for now.

Alright, I am at a point where I want to be done with my adult male defaults for now. Originally I wanted to default all the hat hairs from the SP/EPs and try going for a “defaults only” game but I decided to use some hiders for most of those for now and keep my beloved massive folder of custom hairs, lol. So this is the last few hairs I needed to default after the mass hiding of 2023. Additionally, I have been working on organizing a spreadsheet that lists the defaults (and hiders) I use from others and gives links to them so that those who might be struggling to find all the clay hairs could have a little help. The spreadsheet will be linked after the defaults on this post!

Male Clay Defaults

HatBeret_Camo replaced with QRSims 26 Tigers Eye converted by PlatinumAspiration and I used a hider from this post to hide the other beret hair. NOTE: I decided to tweak the black shade of this hair after I took the screenshots, so it is slightly less gray than it appears on Sanjay above.

ChoppyPeak replaced with AxA Sterling Hair converted by PlatinumAspiration

ModBangs replaced with Simstrouble Dune converted by Hazelpuff

Bandana replaced with Piper EP05 UndercutDreads converted by Applewatersugar, AM mesh by PForestSims. I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend downloading the original of this hair from PForest, it has some gorgeous custom colors that I am COMPLETELY obsessed with!!!

PonytailLong replaced with CandyCottonChu’s Chocolat V1 converted by PlatinumAspiration

GelledRock replaced with Okruee Hermes converted by Minicule

Defaults Spreadsheet

So, a couple warnings before I share the spreadsheet: first, it is still a WIP and I only have the adult male hair listing finished. Second, it is not organized alphabetically – I listed the hairs by appearance in the game from the first page onward (first page being the one with earliest base game hats) this may be confusing for some but it makes more sense for my brain lol. Also just hit Ctrl+F to keyword search for a specific hair and it will bring you to it.

Clay Defaults Spreadsheet HERE!

Lastly I would like to share a direct link to my simfileshare folders of all my clay defaults.

Male folder

Female folder

And of course let my know if I screwed anything up!! ❤

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